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About QuickBooks

QuickBooks is the most widely used accounting and financial software for small business, and over 85% of them use it – but are they using it to full advantage? Although it’s been Intuit’s flagship product for two decades, some basic features of QuickBooks solutions have been overlooked. This software provides all the tools to help accounting run smoothly, and it allows small businesses to compete with big businesses, so you should use all the tools available.


Eliminates Double-Entry

Is there anything more annoying to your customer than a double-entry that leads to double-billing for a sizeable amount on a Friday afternoon, just before closing? Not that we know of. QuickBooks solutions for small businesses involve complete integration, which reduces the need to transfer data to different interfaces, and eliminates double data entry and keying errors. For even more assurance, QuickBooks solutions for point of sale transactions significantly reduces all errors.

Option for Online Bill Payment

Thanks to recent upgrades by Intuit, QuickBooks solutions for paying bills online are easier than ever, especially if you pay multiple vendors at the same time. You can now filter bills for a custom date range, overdue only, or by individual vendor, and you can do all this without leaving the Pay Bills page. It’s also easier to keep track of multiple bills from the same vendor, and to make partial payments on them.

Real-Time Approval or Decline

You probably know about the real-time advantage of approval or decline payment processing from within QuickBooks, but you may not realize how much money you can save. By integrating payment processing with your current QuickBooks software, you can securely and rapidly process ACH transactions and all major credit cards. You can also – in real time – get approval for card swipes when the card is in hand, even in batch processing.

Processes Multiple Types of Payments Through Multi-Channels

Money moves faster than ever, with multiple payment platforms and new technology that affects your payment processing, but QuickBooks solutions keep you current. Whether you have an old or new QuickBooks version, you can securely process all credit cards, debit cards, eChecks, and ACH transactions, across multiple platforms and channels, including levels one and two processing. There are QuickBooks solutions for every size and type of business, and modern plug-ins that can process and apply payments directly from invoices or receipts.

Download Transactions from Secure ePN Servers

Not only can you manage credit card payments and ACH transfers with QuickBooks Solutions, you can download all of your transactions from secure ePN servers to make book keeping easier and to have all the data you need at a glance – for simple financial analysis. Get paid faster with QuickBooks Solutions and enjoy great features like e-invoicing and auto-reconciliation.

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