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iMarina Software Management

Whether you are looking to make life easier for your customers or yourself, iMarina Software Management has you covered. We have software solutions that are easy for any person to understand. iMarina can help you not only keep better track of your boats, but also market your business like a pro.

Best Marina Management Software System

iMarina connects marinas with boaters, 24/7. With iMarina, it’s easy for marinas to offer their services to more boaters and it’s simpler for boaters to find the marina services they want. iMarina provides a database of a variety of on and off-water services that can be viewed with a smartphone, table, or PC. It’s a marina and marina-services finder that’s available everywhere a boater would be searching.

iMarina links marinas together to provide marina services for boaters in an easy-to-read format, making boating simpler and more enjoyable. It’s simplicity in an industry that previously was quite complicated and time-consuming to navigate. With the launch of iMarina, the marine industry now has an interactive and cloud-based software solution that helps marina owners in their daily operations and connects customers to the services they need most.

For one fast and exciting year now, iMarina has linked marinas and boaters to boost the boating industry, and the software application continues to evolve in exciting ways as it creates the best possible scenario for marina owners and boating aficionados. iMarina is the first-ever marina management software system, offering solutions for every marina’s needs. With iMarina, there are no cumbersome marina management systems to use, ones that are difficult to understand or work through. There’s only a simple solution that works fabulously for each unique marina business.


Inventory Management System Offers Long and Short-Term Benefits

The integrated card services will ensure you do not have to worry about your inventory management. You can better monitor your inventory when you are out of the office. The system is cloud based and offers mobile functionality. The card processing machines allow you to stop storing little pieces of papers so you can stop worrying about where to keep them. The slip reservation system allows you to better process payments and can be integrated with your accounting software. The iMarina mobile app runs credit card and member account payments.

Slip Reservation System (SRS)

The slip reservation system can be customized to meet your needs, as the user-defined reports offer benefits for all customers. With the iMarina Slip Reservation System, you can easily integrate with your software management system. If you have any questions about the account solutions offered by iMarina, there are demos of all the products.

Document Management Handled with Ease

When you are running a business, there is a large quantity of documents you must deal with. You can use the iMarina document renewal service to not only e-mail lease agreements, but also enjoy an integrated membership database. The cloud ensures that your data always remains safe.

iMarina Mobile App Helps you Manage On the Go

You can easily manage your business if you are on the road with the iMarina Concierge Mobile App. You can easily update your site as it comes with changeable menu items and pricing. With the iMarina Concierge Mobile App you can process credit cards and manage order fulfillment.

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