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Accept Credit Cards and e-Checks

With an Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account, you can accept credit cards and e-checks from every website you own. And, you can have your funds deposited automatically into your own merchant bank account quickly. Enjoy saving time for your small to medium-size business, and getting paid effortlessly, with Authorize.Net.


Credit Card and e-Check Payment Processing

Your Authorize.Net Payment Gateway Account lets you accept all of the major credit cards, including Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, American Express®, JBC, and Diner’s Club. It’s even possible to accept Digital Payment Solutions like PayPal, Apple Pay, and Visa Checkout as well as Signature Debit Cards. To use Authorize.Net, your business must be a United States-based business or be based out of Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, or Australia. Please refer to CyberSource Advanced for additional international locations.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Authorize.Net’s exclusive and customizable rule-based AFDS (Advanced Fraud Detection Suite™) lets you prevent, identify, and manage any suspicious or potentially costly transactions that might be fraudulent. When you use Authorize.Net, you can address their AVS (Verification Service) and use their CVV2 (Card Code Verification). Authorize.Net also provides Verified by Visa® support and MasterCard Secure Code™.

Merchant Account Access

Authorize.Net allows you to access their password-protected website to review and manage transactions via a Merchant Interface. This Merchant Interface also lets you configure account settings, review account statements, and download reports. Using Sync for QuickBooks ™, you can automatically import each of your settled Authorize.Net transactions to your existing account in QuickBooks™. You will find the Transaction Details API function useful in retrieving details of your processed transactions so that you can report and reconcile.

Payment Processing Security and Authorize.Net Compliance

It’s easy to simplify the PCI DSS compliance process when you use Authorize.Net, because you can keep sensitive customer data stored on secure Authorize.Net servers. You will use Authorize.Net’s hosted payment form or payment tokenization to make sure that all transactions are secure. Authorize.Net gives merchants confidence that their customers’ data is safe and locked away.

Growing Your Business

When you place the free Authorize.Net Verified Merchant Seal on the home page of your website and on your checkout page, your business benefits from boosted credibility. Offering your customers the ability to conduct credit card and e-check transactions assures them that your business is an established business.

Award-Winning and Free Support

Enjoy award-winning and free support with your Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account. Authorize.Net’s Online Support Center gives you toll-free phone support, an e-Ticket customer inquiry and response system, online chat, and web-based email. Authorize.net is available 24/7 to help you keep your company running efficiently and smoothly. If you ever get stuck with a transaction or a back-office feature, you can visit the Support Center or talk for free to an award-winning team.

Subscription or Recurring Billing

When you use Authorize.Net as your payment gateway provider, you can repeat-bill your customers without having to store their sensitive payment information on local servers and without having to ask for it each time. Use Authorize.Net’s ARB (Automated Recurring Billing ™) to automatically handle fixed online subscriptions. Authorize.Net’s CIM (Customer Information Manager) seamlessly handles dynamic recurring billing so you can bill customers varying amounts or on varying days every month.

Free MOTO and Mobile Payments

Use the free Authorize.Net mPOS mobile application to accept payments on the go. With Authorize.Net’s free Virtual Terminal, you can enter payment information manually. Authorize.Net allows you to accept all major credit card payments safely and securely from your mobile phone or tablet. The mobile app and many third-party solutions let you take your storefront anywhere you go.

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