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Point of Sale System Solutions

POS Solutions for any Business

It doesn’t matter what you sell or how you sell it; with a Clover Point of Sale machine, you can accept credit card, EVM chip cards, and contactless payments from your customers. Clover Point of Sale terminals and payment processing software gives your customers an easy, safe, and secure way to handle transactions and you look good offering it.

Credit Card Machines

Accept Everything

Merchant Account Solutions provides you with personalized payment solutions for your type of business, whether it’s a big endeavor or a small operation. We provide you with free retail payment processing terminals so you can accept all types of credit and debit card payments, including EVP-enabled cards and touchless payments.

Mobile Solutions

SmartSwipe Mobile

Wherever you do business, your card-paying customers can pay for your products and services using your iPhone and iPad. All you need is a SmartSwipe mobile card reader and your mobile device turns into a credit and debit card-processing terminal. With our SmartSwipe payment processing solution, you get signature capture, tax calculator, tip functionality, memos in history, text and email receipts, and the ability to process cash transactions. SmartSwipe’s Item Control feature lets you add pictures of your products and services, and set a price for each item.

Wireless Solutions

Accept Anywhere

Wireless retail terminals can be the best choice for merchants who make many face-to-face transactions, including merchants like retailers, hotels, professional service providers, and restaurants. Merchant Account Solutions offers a wide variety of wireless retail terminals free to our customers.

Software Solutions


Merchant Account Solutions offers easy solutions for businesses that want to integrate their invoicing in their payment processing solutions. Our invoicing solutions seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks, and they allow you to process and apply credit and debit card payments to invoices, jobs, and customers.


Simple QuickBooks integration helps eliminate double data entry and provides automatic reconciliation. We make it easy for your transactions, bank accounts, and QuickBooks to be in line. Processing payments with QuickBooks is a great solution for back office, mail and phone orders, and recurrent billing.

Management Software Solutions

Property Management

Let 365 Villas property management software help you work more efficiently and smarter. The platform simultaneously streamlines your business. Utilize 365 Villas automated features to see an increase in clients and good reviews.

Health & Fitness

Rhinofit software will help simplify your gym management experience by providing you all the tools you need. These include membership management, product management and financial reporting to name a few.


iMarina will make boating easier for both the boater and the marina. They provide a variety of on-and-off the water services with the convenience of your smartphone, tablet, or PC. iMarina is YOUR MARINA everywhere you go.

E-Commerce Solutions

A Thriving E-Commerce Platform

Running a non-for-profit e-commerce organization entails keeping track of donations, sending emails and planning meetings. The right software simplifies these tasks and others that otherwise take up a lot of time. Manage inventory, print accounting reports and create employee profiles with ease through an intuitive, easy-to-use platform. Dependable and fast, you won’t have to worry about delays. Mistakes are greatly reduced and the workday a little less stressful if you invest in a quality e-commerce platform.

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