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New Merchant Account required.* Merchant must qualify for free or discounted hardware. Not all accessories apply.

*Limit of one (1) Discounted Clover Mini, or one (1) other Clover POS system. New Customers only. Buyer must open a Merchant Account through us for use with the Clover POS System. Ask your Sales Representative for complete details.

Contactless Payments! Healthy COVID-19 Defense

Stay safe with contactless payments. All of our devices have contactless payment options and mobile contactless options for curbside pickups and deliveries. Call now for more information.

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Did you Know 38% of New Business Owners Choose the Wrong POS When Starting their Business?

We can Eliminate this Costly Mistake and Save you the Hassle!

Designed with All Types of Industries in Mind

Full Service

Easily manage tables and your point of sale operations with the Revel POS system. As the owner, you will be able to monitor inventory and employees and boost service delivery at your restaurant all from one device.

Quick Service

Improve the ability of your point of sale which will help reduce mistakes and boost your service speed. Use the Quick Service tools to better manage your employees, customer service interaction, and other business-boosting decisions.


Increase productivity and performance for your retail location(s). Gain control over every aspect of your business from a single POS system. Monitor your inventory and receive alerts when it’s low, employees, reports to name a few.

Owner Inspired Features Designed for Efficiency

Always On Mode

Continually run your business even when offline or on a local network. Process transactions without any hiccups to keep your customers satisfied. Simply setup the advanced feature in the settings and it will automatically activate when needed.

Table Management

Enhance your restaurant’s business by utilizing these tools. Reproduce your restaurant’s layout with Revel’s visual table layout to reduce order mishaps. Effortlessly make reservations, accept multiple payments, and keep your service running smoothly.


Easily create discounts on your items and reward loyal customers. Customize them to create any discount you want right from the Revel system. Set up Happy Hours at your business to attract customers during times of low activity.

Customer Display System

Set up a customer facing display to engage customers with the ordering process. Provide transparency and reduce errors while increasing customer satisfaction. Use the system to display your logo and customized messages for marketing purposes.

Online Ordering

Order online with ease and convenience. Receive more business and increase customer loyalty while establishing your Brand Equity. Easily manage menu items online and in store to keep consistency. Experience a smooth omnichannel experience.

Inventory Management

Monitor inventory levels and receive alerts when they get low. Categorize your items to keep them organized in your inventory lists and make them more accessible. Download Revel’s Inventory mobile app to keep on eye on the levels when you’re away.

Ingredient-Level Inventory

Track your ingredient levels in real time and gather data from reports to gain insight. Set low-stock alerts and create purchase orders to refill low items automatically. Utilize prep inventory to record ingredients, manage recipes, and even track spoilage in the kitchen.

Kitchen Management

Conveniently integrate a kitchen display system or kitchen printer. Utilize the kitchen display system to show digital orders and save paper. Or integrate a kitchen printer to print order tickets in the back. Review inventory reports to help you better manage the kitchen.

Enterprise Management

Utilize Revel’s Enterprise features to manage multiple locations. Regulate menu items and store offerings to make them uniform at every location. Easily manage all of your employees’ schedules, payroll, and more from one device.

Cash Management

Keep tabs on your business’ cash flow through Revel’s real-time view and thorough reports. Receive alerts and prompts to keep you notified on any changes in your revenue streams. And correctly calculate end of day totals for your employees.

Mobile Order Takers

Utilize the Revel devices to take orders, speed up lines, or process sales anywhere on the premises. Take orders table-side and send them directly to the kitchen to increase order accuracy. Engage with customers and efficiently check them out right on the spot.

Self Service Kiosk

Employ kiosks to reduce customer wait times and increase sales. Their intuitive features help reduce communication errors during the ordering process. Integrate your CRM and loyalty programs allowing customers to earn rewards, order their favorite items, and more.

Insights by Revel

Receive real-time reports from your Revel POS system on your mobile device when you’re away. Analyze comprehensive data from your reports, manage employee schedules, and make decisions for single or multiple locations.

Gift Cards

Utilize gift cards to gain new customers and grow your business. The Revel POS system can conveniently set up gifted referrals to share your business with others, support and redeem integrated gift card partners, and increase sales.


Protect your customers’ data with PCI-Compliant cloud technology, Point-to-Point Encrypted payments, and rich user access controls. Revel securely processes all types of payments and protects you from chargebacks. Assign specified levels of access to employees.

Fuel Pump Management

Efficiently manage fuel operations and convenience stores using stock alerts and fuel testing. Monitor fuel levels and convenience store data together from a single console. When you’re away, you can even access control over the fuel dispensers.

Digital Menu Boards

Dynamically display custom menus that include your logo, imagery, and promotional messages. Easily manage them by syncing the content using Revel’s backend settings. Rotate your displays by the hour or day to show different menu offerings.

Loyalty Programs

Control your own loyalty program that accommodates your clients and brings in new customers. Be in charge of the reward structure and gather data to create custom rewards for your customers. Make the switch to the digital, card free loyalty program.

Customer Relationship Mgmt

Utilize a customer engagement strategy powered by your CRM. Manage customer information including birthdays, loyalty program details, a profile photo, and their purchases. Observe their buying habits and set up individual offers and rewards for them.

Product Mgmt & Menu Building

Simply upload spreadsheets, use the POS app, or enter items into the Management Console to create custom menus. Use Revel features including item modifiers, special discounts on combos,
half and half pizzas options, and detailed ingredients to optimize them. Update your menus by automatically pushing the changes to your POS.

Employee Management

Efficiently manage your employees from a single console. Organize your administrative tasks as the employer to easily track employee productivity and payroll. Gain access to the following features: create and edit employee schedules, assign roles and permissions, track overtime, and export schedule data to your preferred accounting software.


Record data from all your transactions and organize them into reports. Better manage your overhead to prepare you for future operations. Regularly monitor your inventory to prevent low stock levels and unwanted waste. Keep tabs on employee productivity and optimize their schedules to run your business more efficiently.

Delivery Management

Accept, manage, and monitor delivery orders using the Revel POS. Recognize previous customers and their orders and optimize delivery routes to offer optimum delivery service and estimations. Track drivers in real-time and check if they are en route. Integrate with a Revel delivery partner to reach a wider market while remaining efficient.

Open API

Integrate your own favorite tools with Revel’s open API capabilities to enhance your POS. Boost your business with an unlimited number of integrations for a flat fee and watch your return on investments grow. Explore Revel’s open, REST api to help your business increase sales.

Improve Your Business

Flexible Payments

Easily execute split bills, bar tabs, store credit, and more. Revel’s payment features will help you conveniently process these payment methods to satisfy your customers

Flexible Payments

EMV Compliance

Safeguard your business and customers by utilizing EMV compliant payment processing. Put your mind at ease knowing Revel offers the latest security solutions and meets the global standard.

EMV Compliance


Conveniently monitor your business’ performance, track inventory, and access real-time reports using Revel’s QuickBooks integration. Easily sync data to QuickBooks daily and save time with its automation features.


Revel POS Hardware

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