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PC America Cash Register Express

About PC America Cash Register Express

Get on board with the most highly sought out computerized POS system for retailers. The PC America Cash Register Express allows you to improve customer service with a more efficient check out system, track inventory to reduce or eliminate shrinkage, track employee labor and create more effective marketing plan according to best selling trends. The Cash Register Express is a technologically advanced, multifunctional
point of sale system designed to enhance the business of any and every retailer.

Automate Your Retail Store

With pcAmerica Cash Register Express, you can automate your retail store to increase efficiency and boost accuracy. The pcAmerica Cash Register Express payment processing system helps business owners lower costs, manage inventory, and take care of many of functions of running their companies.

It’s easy to use the pcAmerica Cash Register Express retail POS. This system is so simple that it’s a preferred POS for many business owners, as it offers inventory tracking, cash management, credit and debit card payment processing, customer loyalty program features, employee time clock scheduling, and even detailed reporting to help business owners make smart business decisions.

The pcAmerica Cash Register Express POS system is ideal for use in convenience stores, grocery and supermarkets, gift shops and museum shops, car washes, floral stores, liquor stores, clothing boutiques, bookstores, discount and dollar stores, music and video game stores, and restaurants. Most retail stores can benefit from the pcAmerica Cash Register Express POS system, as its efficiency helps retailers keep lines short and customers happy.


Efficient Checkout

Your days of every employee constant calling the manager over for help are officially over. Simply just scan the barcode on each product being purchased. No barcode? no problem. The touch screen feature on the Cash Register Express quickly adds the price of the product to the total. Don’t worry about calculating sales tax or pricing since it will be automatically calculated and added to the total. Taking payment is a cinch as well by typing in cash amounts and swiping debit and credit card transactions.

Debit, Credit, and Gift Card Processing

Make your life easier with an integrated transaction processing tool that takes debit, credit and gift cards. This easy point of sale system processes transactions in seconds and is PA-DSS certified for PCI Compliance.

Purchase Orders

If you’re running low on a product, you can set a reorder level and quantity with ease. In addition, you can buy in bulk or even individual items according to the situation. The Purchase Order section on the Cash Register Express generates an entirely new purchase order to a specific vendor or you can just stock up on low inventory items with the touch of a button.

Discounts and Coupons

Customize discounts and coupons personalized to your store with restrictions such as expiration date, time and day and product category.


Expand your business by creating an E-Commerce site for your retail store. Your business can connect to a new or existing web store directly straight to your POS system. The Cash Register Express can report sales and inventory management through a single system. In addition to customers buying online and returning to the store itself.

Suspend and Recall On Hold Transactions

Never stress about lines being held up by customers that already processed their transaction and then realized they left their wallet in the car again. The Suspend and Recall ON Hold Transactions feature allows you to suspend a transaction to allow another one to go through and then recall it once more to finish the transaction. Instead of holding up the line or rescanning items, just place the transaction on hold until the customer is ready.

Track and Manage Inventory

This technologically advanced and organized POS system tracks inventory to reduce or eliminate shrinkage, stock discrepancies, best and worst selling products, stock outages and overall inventory movement. Once a product is sold, the Cash Register Express immediately deducts it from overall inventory to keep track of when that particular item is running low. In addition, inventory management includes automated stock replenishment, back orders, min/max levels, purchase orders and direct store delivers.

Customer Attraction

Attract more customers to your store with loyalty programs and built-in gifts to offer discounts or rewards for special events and loyal customers. This feature allows your retail shop to create an effecting marketing scheme by tracking loyalty plans and other ideas to cater to your customers.

Security: Reduce or Eliminate Theft

Retail shrink refers to unaccounted items due to theft. Employee theft is one of the leading cases, including cash and inventory. Cash Register Express takes security very seriously and offers features to monitor each employee so accountability takes place. Each employee’s unique login ID or job code allows all managers to access or restrict price changes, voids, discounts and no sales. In addition, cashiers and shifts are monitored via the POS system by controlling and identifying cash discrepancies.

Employee Management: Reduce Labor Costs

Cash Register Express tracks time clock, labor scheduling, and payroll functionalities so each employee is paid fairly for his or her time and effort. Reduce labor costs by managing staffing and knowing exactly what each employee should be doing and for how much time.

Detailed Business Reporting

Customer input is the best measure of success; we at PC America want to know exactly what we’re doing right or wrong to make each customer’s experience an enjoyable one. The Cash Register Express is designed according to customer feedback and to ensure that you are on top of sales figures, costs and inventory levels. The reporting screen is designed to make each transaction with ease. In addition, your life is made easier by choosing the type of reports you’d like to access with personalized setti

Integrated Payroll

Time management is essential as a retailer, and you shouldn’t be spending most of it figuring out employee payment rates. Within minutes, figure out how many hours each employee has worked along with the hourly wage to get their paychecks. In addition, the payroll feature calculates overtime, taxes and garnishments and issues the checks right then and there.

Digital Signage

Enhance your marketing plan even further by displaying digital messages or advertisements alongside transaction information when customers are signing out and paying for their items. Use this tool to promote events, products or sales; even sell your signage space to vendors to create profit even further.

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