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Did you Know 38% of New Business Owners Choose the Wrong POS When Starting their Business?

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About LightSpeed

Manage your restaurant with more efficiency and structure than ever before with LightSpeed Restaurant. Grow your business while increasing customer service with swift speed and reliability. Impress your customers and maintain a motivated staff with functions such as table-side ordering and employee management reporting and accounting. Whether you’re running a local or chain restaurant, stand out with LightSpeed.

All-in-One POS System

The LightSpeed Point of Sale system is a POS that’s tailored to suit your business’ needs. It’s a perfect retail POS, restaurant POS, and eCommerce solution that gives you the tools you need for your business to thrive. Use LightSpeed POS to get a reliable and intuitive POS system that prepares you to meet your customers online or wherever you conduct business.

The Tools You Need

With the LightSpeed POS, your success is our success. We know that you’ll have an intuitive and reliable POS for your business when you choose LightSpeed. With this payment processing and eCommerce solution, you can offer efficient and secure payments for your customers on your website, mobile app, or in person.

LightSpeed POS allows store owners to create their ideal online or in-shop presence by processing transactions on their customized website or in their physical location. What differentiates LightSpeed from other POSs is the software’s back-office solutions, which gear businesses up for great expansion.

More than 40,000 businesses use LightSpeed, in more than 100 countries. LightSpeed processes more than $15 billion transactions annually and it has more than 250 certified partners worldwide. LightSpeed’s online reputation is strong, as it allows tens of thousands of web and mobile retailers to increase online visibility and boost sales. Plus, business’ using LightSpeed have inventory management tools available to them to make sure they’re always stocking the right products.



Curate your own personalized visual menu and send it to different locations with the option of updating it from home or on the go. Hone in on your staff by creating schedules for each employee and tracking peak hours and their performance on shifts. Maintain your restaurant by making any necessary changes on the go to offer the best experience for your customers, from splitting bills to table layouts. Choose what information your employees see with permission settings that set apart personal from group matters.


Increase communication within your restaurant with an advanced POS system that effectively coordinates between the floor and kitchen. Send out notices for special events such as happy hours or kitchen specials with an easy-to-use system that sends out mass promotions. Personalize each customer experience by offering special perks such as bill splitting, printed receipts or even a receipt sent to his or her email. Our wireless feature assures you that you won’t have to wait on an Internet connection ever again. Keep your restaurant running with ease.

iPad POS

Create a more fun and efficient atmosphere with well-known tools such as an iPad so your staff can help any customers that have questions with ease. Up the communication in your restaurant with a cloud-based POS that allows you to take orders and process payments wherever, whenever. Eliminate time wasted with lines and payment processing with LightSpeed’s effective turnover. Your staff is always prepared to answer any questions coming their way with the iPad always in hand.


Stay up-to-date with your restaurant by accessing reports at any time. Update menus according to best-selling items and sales with reports tracking the most sought after items. Track what items in your kitchen are running low for an efficient and effective inventory management system. Access how much profit each individual staff member is bringing in and how quickly his or her table turnover is.


Sync your point of sale system with your Xero or Quickbooks accounting software. Enjoy the account management feature that figures out your finances and posts any financial data you may be looking for. Don’t worry about any errors or inconsistencies with a reliable POS system that syncs up your sales data to your accounting software. Increase restaurant morale by setting goals. Reporting dashboard allow you to access daily, weekly, monthly and annual performance of how your restaurant is doing.


Permission settings allow different users restrictions on features and information. Each employee uses an individual, user friendly account All information is consistently backed up with Liteserver to keep everything updated just in case there is a problem with the Internet.

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