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Stay safe with contactless payments. All of our devices have contactless payment options and mobile contactless options for curbside pickups and deliveries. Call now for more information.

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Did you Know 38% of New Business Owners Choose the Wrong POS When Starting their Business?

We can Eliminate this Costly Mistake and Save you the Hassle!

SmartSwipe POS

Perfect for Restaurant & Retail


SmartSwipe is a cloud based point of sale system built for any and all business owners. It enables business owners to track customers, manage inventory and run business analytics for real-time insights. With access to a suite of sophisticated tools more powerful and intuitive than the enterprise systems used by retail giants, at a fraction of the cost.

A Better Way to Manage Your Payment Processing


SmartSwipe POS lets you accept all major credit cards with superior card-scanning technology. You can better manage your payments with a mobile solution that offers excellent features for you and your customers. With SmartSwipe POS, accepting credit and debit cards is as easy as ordering your equipment and any desired peripherals, quickly setting up your system, and then taking your customers’ payments wherever you do business. SmartSwipe lets you conduct secure payment transactions using the most current and advanced encryption technologies. All of your credit and debit card transactions are then sent directly to your bank account of choice. You get next-day funding with SmartSwipe POS payment processing, guaranteed, and sometimes you’ll see payments hit your account sooner. SmartSwipe lets you keep track of your transactions so that you can stay current with your business’ financials. All of the documentation you need is conveniently stored for you in the app’s “History” section. With Items functionality, SmartSwipe lets you record each of your items on your mobile app and then add photos for easy recognition. It’s also possible to add the price and a description for each item, so that you have a seamless transaction every time. Using Categories on SmartSwipe, it’s simple to organize items into any categories that you choose, so you don’t have to waste time looking for an item. Create modifiers for items too, and easily add additional items with or without the additional cost calculated in at the time of transaction. You can sell weighted items with SmartSwipe, track how many items you have in your inventory, record your clients in a client database, schedule clients in the app calendar, and collect digital signatures without the need of receipts or PINs.



Go beyond booking. Fill your schedule and then manage it all from one screen. Add, modify, prebook and check out any appointment with just a few clicks. And because it updates in real time, it will never be out of date.

Go Mobile!

Take orders throughout your restaurant from an iPad or iPad Mini using SmartSwipe’s mobile app. Servers can easily go up to customers and process orders tableside, removing the headache of going back and forth between the main terminal and the kitchen. Connect as many order takers as you want with your iPad POS system.


Manage your inventory anywhere for free. Our inventory system is designed to help you spend less time in front of the screen and more time with your customers. Our Smartswipe app turns any smartphone or tablet into a point of sale that allows you to change item details like price, name, or quantity in real time.

Item Modifiers

Easily input orders with different modifiers applied to items. Boost revenue by adding combos and modifiers to your menu, and prompting employees to upsell. When you create modifiers for items, you can easily add more items to a sale – with or without an additional cost – that will be included in the final transaction and transaction description. All of your items are recorded for your reference and you get seamless add-on capability.

Tracking Tips

Suggested tip options will help keep employees happy. SmartSwipe POS lets you easily accept tips, including suggested tips that you have input, throughout the application. You can automatically populate the tip menu when the signature page opens or have the tip option on the signature page open up when your customer prefers.


Customers can choose between digital (email or text message) and printed receipts. You may not like to hand out paper receipts and your customers might not like to receive them. SmartSwipe POS offers an easy solution – digital receipts! With SmartSwipe POS, you provide convenience for your customers and a eco-friendly receipt solution that makes you look good.


Keep track of detailed customer information and their preferences with Clients in the slide-in menu. This uses advanced technology to organize and synchronize client information with their buying behavior. Utilizing CRM reports, single location business owners can analyze each customer’s order history to better tailor their offerings according to their customer wants.


SmartSwipe All-In-One

The M Pop POS is an advanced POS solution that combines Bluetooth POS receipt printing and a cash drawer. This POS solution provides excellent connectivity and design, and it gives you intuitive functionality with simple integration. The M Pop POS is a new era of POS terminals.

SmartSwipe Bundle POS

Choose the SmartSwipe Bundle POS to get exceptional payment processing capabilities with advanced-technology tools and intuitive features, including a barcode scanner, Heckler stand, iPad grip stand, Posiflex Cash Drawer, Star TSP Printer, Magtek card reader, scale, and EPN card reader.

Customize Your POS

Customize your POS to offer the exact functionality you want and the convenience you desire for your customers. Choose just the features you need for your business, from a selection of tools including a barcode scanner, Heckler stand, iPad grip stand, Posiflex cash drawer, and more.

Barcode Scanner

Scan barcodes that have been assigned to your items so you can speed up transactions.

Star TSP Printer

All parts and software are in one box, with fast printing for easy customer transactions.

iPad Grip Stand

Scale integrates directly into your POS system, speeding up transactions and offering effortless weight processing.


A beautiful and secure iPad stand that’s perfect for mobile POS credit card transactions.

Heckler Stand

Simple and lightweight. Effortlessly use your iPad to process customer card payments.

Magtek Card Reader

Features a magnetic read head on either side, saving you and your customers flipping and checkout time.

Posiflex Cash Drawer

A rigid and enhanced cash drawer designed by one of the worlds leaders in POS peripherals.

EPN Card Reader

A mobile card reader offering magnetic, chip, and signature transactions capabilities.


SmartSwipe mobile POS processing is the perfect solution for any retailer looking to enhance customer service with efficiency, reliability and convenience.

With the SmartSwipe mobile card reader, swipe any debit or credit card and make a transaction via your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Avoid long checkout lines by ringing up your customers on the floor, sending text and email receipts, adding up transactions with a built-in calculator and inserting memos. In one safe, swift swipe create an efficient shopping experience, customer satisfaction guaranteed.


Internet speed required: 1-3 stations requires 1 Mbps Download and 512 Kbps Upload. 3+ stations requires 2 Mbps Download and 1 Mbps Upload

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