Worldwide Merchant Services

Trusted by over 100,000 merchants, the benefits offered by Merchant Account Solutions are unmatched. Let’s take a look at what the company’s customers are saying about their worldwide merchant ser

"MAS provided me with the lowest rates that I have been able to find. In today's economy you need to keep as much $ as you can, especially during the holiday season! I had no idea that my credit card processing company would help be a driving force behind one of my most successful promotions!" --John S., Motors and More

"When my restaurant grew to a point where we had to start accepting credit cards I thought I was in for a whole new set of problems. I was wrong about that. My account manager at MAS took me through each step of the process. Every aspect of my business should be this easy." --Matt P., Pleasant Pizza Subs

"We travel to about 30 trade shows a year as they are a great opportunity for us to connect with people in our industry. The problem is that when you enter a trade show convention center you never know what the facility will offer. Is there a phone line? Internet? Power? MAS has made it possible for us to make sales regardless of the trade show environment. The service is seamless and PROFITABLE!" --David R., Brass & Wood Arts

"The majority of our customers tend to place their orders with us over the phone… so the ability to process credit cards is critical to my business' success. MAS has really helped us to make this process seamless. You’ll be thanking them for the extra money you save as well!" --Sarah P., The Stitch and Sew Factory

"We make our sales outside of the office. Merchant Account Solutions has helped make it possible for me to process credit cards wirelessly. Their low rates and free equipment have made it simple for us to reach our customers where they are, when they need us." --Luke T., Shoes 2 Streets

"Over the past 4 years the majority of our business has been done online. When we first transitioned to the Internet I felt like I was in the dark. I like to know how things work so the uncharted waters of e-commerce were scary to me. My account manager at MAS helped me make sure that everything was set up and working correctly. Without them we wouldn't be where we are today." --Shannon W., Holistic Eats

Worldwide merchant services include free equipment, 24/7 customer services, next-day funding, and low rates, making Merchant Account Solutions the right choice for your business! Adding a credit card terminal to your establishment is an easy way to double if not triple business, so why not check out what Merchant Account Solutions can do for you?

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