Wireless vs. Non-Wireless Card Solutions

If you are looking at credit card solutions for your business, Merchant Account Solutions has the answers you need. We will be able to help you settle the debate of wireless vs. non-wireless card solu

The Way 5000 sets the Standard for Wireless Terminals.If you need to accept wireless credit card payments, check out the Way 5000. The Way 5000 sets the standard for wireless debit credit card payment terminals, thanks to its versatility. The Way 5000 was the first wireless terminal to support gift cards and can easily print your customer receipts.

The wireless terminals are free to customers of Merchant Account Solutions. You can use this terminal at any business that specializes in face-to-face sales. If you work in a hotel, retail store, or restaurant, this is the perfect solution for managing your sales.SmartSwipe Integrates the Smartphone and iPad into Business.

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