The Verifone Ruby POS Admin Superstation Delivers Powerful Management for Gas Stations

The explosion of point of sale hardware for individual industries has been one of the most surprising side-effects of the information revolution. With options that use existing devices, specialized ha

The explosion of point of sale hardware for individual industries has been one of the most surprising side-effects of the information revolution. With options that use existing devices, specialized hardware, and even cloud-based services, you’ve got more options than ever before, so why settle for a traditional cash register setup? Modern systems provide sales insights, support for customized discounts and gift cards, and other key features that help businesses stay competitive. Getting the right device for your business means being able to use those tools, and the Verifone Ruby POS is the system designed to streamline the operations of your gas station or convenience store.Security and Stability for More Than 25 YearsSecurity and stability are vital for any business that handles a large volume of transactions, and gas stations, convenience stores, and other roadside stops are nothing if not high volume. The Verifone Ruby has been a stable, consistent, and secure platform since 1992. In the time since its first implementation, it has received regular updates to take advantage of new payment options and processing choices, keeping it at the vanguard of the industry. Today, Verifone’s Ruby system is available on a variety of devices, including the Ruby2 and the ever-popular Ruby Superstation.One of the reasons for the stability and reliability of Verifone’s system is the fact that the Ruby POS runs on Linux, allowing it to sidestep the malware issues that Windows-based systems often find challenging. The Linux-based Verifone Ruby POS login manages to be so secure because individual Linux builds are differentiated enough from one another to thwart most attempts at creating universal malware. This allows vendors like Verifone to individualize their operations enough to make it incredibly difficult to write malware against without a physical system. That security also makes it easy to patch security issues as they are discovered, too.Options Designed for Petroleum BusinessesConvenience stores and gas stations have a unique model and unique security needs, because they sell valuable and necessary goods and provide much-needed respite in the form of food, beverages, and road supplies. That’s why the Verifone Ruby has an edge over most other point of sale terminals when it comes to serving the industry. Not only does it offer your business the opportunity to securely handle transactions from petroleum dispensers by integrating easily with their systems, it also gives you the marketing tools you need to increase your repeat business and scale your operation.

  • Real-time sales analytics that allow you to see trends and capitalize on them in real time
  • Communications tools allowing you to easily market programs and discounts at the counter and the dispenser
  • Loyalty rewards management to provide incentives and track rewards and redemptions
  • Built-in payment processing equipment versatile enough to work with major credit cards and EMV chip cards
  • Foodservice options for establishments serving hot meals and quick service items
  • Regular security and feature updates to enable new payment processing and to remain in compliance with existing systems
  • Retail automation options to ensure smooth configuration to your specific business needs
  • Accessible partner peripherals to configure your system with all the extras you need to handle inventory and payment

Use Training Mode to Help Employees Adjust to New FeaturesWhether you are hiring a new team member or looking to cross-train existing customer service representatives, so they are better prepared to use new features you’ve enabled with the Verifone Ruby POS admin, training mode makes it easier for you to be sure each team member is comfortable with every feature of the device your store uses. It walks trainees through a variety of system functions, including authorizing fuel dispensing, recognizing dispenser-based card readers and transactions for troubleshooting, rewards program points, PLU customization, and more.Since Verifone systems are in use by more than half of this industry, it’s also easier to cross-train employees who come with experience in the industry. Your system might be a slightly different model with different options, but luckily the platform will be familiar, and that streamlines retraining any time you are able to bring in experienced help.Payment Processing to Support Your Ruby SupersystemWhile Verifone Ruby reviews point out the long-lasting reputation the company has enjoyed, and the variety of upgrades made to the system over the years, they are also quick to point out that your POS system is only as good as the processor you use for your merchant account. That’s why Merchant Account Solutions works hard to provide the best possible credit card processing options to support many POS systems, from the versatile Clover Station 2.0 to more specialized models like the Ruby Superstation.Providing fast, reliable payment processing with superior uptime is not only what the company does best, it’s also what allows systems like the Ruby Supersystem to be available to customers with no up-front cost. Instead, superior processing services come with the hardware you need to be able to take advantage of them, providing you with the infrastructure you need to be up and running. Of course, systems are also available for sale for competitive prices, and the same superior customer service and support is available when you buy as when you work with Merchant Account Solutions to get your Verifone Ruby POS at no cost.Get the Guaranteed Lowest Credit Card Processing RateNot only does Merchant Account Solutions provide customers with great options for POS systems that fit practically any industry, the company’s credit card processing is also guaranteed to be the lowest rate in the industry for client companies. Representatives stand by their quotes, and there is a $500 challenge in place to establish just how serious the company is about its ability to find the best rate for any business that signs on.If you have seen Verifone Ruby reviews and you want to add a Superstation to your operation for an unbeatable price, you are not likely to find a deal better than an offer of a free system, minus the accessories, but with the lowest processing fees you will find on all your credit transactions. To learn more about those policies, get in touch with Merchant Account Solutions today.

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