Top Ways For Electricians To Get More Business With A Credit Card Machine

We recently asked our friend Roy, the electrician, if he thought working with live wires and high voltage equipment was dangerous. “Maybe,” he said, “but not half as dangerous as accepting a che

“That’s all the money I have.”This is a bargaining tactic employed in cash transactions. The customer claims to have only x amount of dollars on them, and the service technician can’t tell if they’re bluffing. Solution: Take the money and ask them to pay the rest on a credit card. Portable debit and credit card machines put that option right in front of them.“My landlord is supposed to pay for this.”Getting caught between the landlord and tenant is a great way for an electrician to NOT get paid for work done on a rental property. With credit card processing free, he can get a credit card on file to make sure someone is responsible for the payment.“I’ll give you a check, but don’t deposit it until next Thursday.”

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