Top 5 Reasons You Can Feel Safe Using Merchant Account Solutions

When you are looking for better ways to incorporate credit and debit cards into your business, Merchant Account Solutions has the products to meet the needs of you and your customers. Whether you make

  • Retail Terminals are Perfect for Face-to-Face Sales.
  • The card machine services offered by Merchant Account Solutions are free to customers. With the Nurit 2085, you can process credit card transactions over a secure phone line. This durable terminal features a thermal integrated printer, and can accept multiple accounts through one terminal.

    1. E-Commerce Combines Security and ease for Customers.
    Internet credit card processing is done more securely thanks to the Merchant Account Solutions E-commerce/virtual terminals. The E-commerce gateway allows you to key in transactions anywhere you have internet capability. The SSL technology sends your customers data through a secure network.
    1. Smartphones and iPads can be Worked into Your Business.
    Whether you operate an entire store or one kiosk, you can use the SmartSwipe to run payments on a smartphone or iPad. The SmartSwipe mobile card terminal turns your smart device into a credit card terminal. You have access to features such as signature capture, tip functionality, and tax calculator.
    1. Orders can be Processed Easily with QuickBooks.
    QuickBooks is more than just a way to ensure the books are balanced. With this program, you can process credit and debit card transactions. The automatic reconciliation ensures that you are not double-entering information.
    1. Wireless Terminals take the Hassle out of Face-to-Face Sales.

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