Tips For Non Profits To Utilize A Manual Credit Card Machine

Non-Profits who use credit card machines for processing donations can maximize their income and keep better track of books. Merchant Account Solutions offers manual credit card machines, portable swip

Why a Manual Credit Card Machine?Many of the non-profit organizations we work with use a manual credit card machine to process donations. These machines are easy to integrate into current donations solutions, and they’re completely free through Merchant Account Solutions. With a manual credit card machine, you can display a sign on your office door - or on your website - that says “We Accept Credit Cards” and then make it easier to gather donations from people who otherwise would not donate because they don’t have cash.Portable Swipe Machines to Increase Income from Existing DonorsDuring a charity event, such as a luncheon or gala, imagine the possibilities of getting money from existing donors when they’re fired up about your cause. With portable swipe machines, you can set up a donations table at your function to give attendees that chance to donate on the spot. This tends to lead to more donations, since money given in a moment of passion is there for you right when you need it, not promised in the form of a check that might not ever come.Easy Bookkeeping

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