Tips For Churches To Bring In Donations via Credit Card Machines

For the good of both the nonprofit and the donor, it is important that any nonprofit operation be able to accept donations by credit card. Credit card machines and wireless credit card services can he

st century.

Donors appreciate the convenience of paying with a credit card, which is often tax-deductible and easy to itemize from a credit card statement. Moreover, a church benefits from collecting the funds quickly via their portable debit and credit card machines.Raising Money Online with Credit Card MachinesIf your church is trying to raise money online, you should concentrate on boosting your donation page conversion rate. If a donor makes it to your online donation form, you want to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your merchant account can accept all types of credit cards
  • Do not hide your donation page
  • If possible, include a call-to-action link or a “Donate Now” button on every page of your website, blog, or newsletter
  • Make your donations page mobile friendly
  • Keep your potential donor on the donation page as long as possible, hopefully until he clicks on “Submit Donation”

Collecting Donations in the Field

Or Simply Fill Out the Form