The Benefits Of Recurring Billing

It can be a hassle mailing invoices each month, but you do it because every invoice sent means more money coming in. What if you could find a way to bill your customers and not have to deal with the i

How Does Recurring Work with Mobile Payment Solutions?Recurring billing is a bit like a subscription service. Your customers’ accounts are set up in such a way that a new invoice appears in their inbox at a specified time, and the money that’s due to you is debited from their bank on a specified date. Recurring billing, of course, works when your customers pay you the same amount every month. Bills are sent out and money is deducted like clockwork, on a predetermined schedule.The Advantage of Recurring BillingSetting up recurring billing is a cost-saving solution to customer billing, as you don’t have to invest in employee hours to send invoices, spend time collecting payments, or incur other costs associated with manually sending bills. Recurring billing is a 100% automated system, so there are fewer instances of late or missed payments. If a payment doesn’t come in due to insufficient funds in your customer’s account, you can arrange for your customers’ service to immediately be suspended until payment is received. You can then also set up missed payment notifications to go out as frequently as you like until payment is collected.Get Started with Recurring BillingRecurring billing lets you boost your bank account, increase productivity, and cut down the impact that paper transactions can have on the environment. To get started with recurring billing – and to get a portable card swipe machine if you need physical payment solutions in your store – contact Merchant Account Solutions. Many of our customers who desire complete physical or mobile payment solutions setups are surprised to find out that the

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