Why Your Restaurant & Retail Business Needs the SmartSwipe POS

If you own a business that interacts with the public, you need special technology that allows operations to run smoothly with a minimum of muss and fuss, and that’s what Merchant Account Solutions a

Merchant Account Solutions aims to do with SmartSwipe POS for retail businesses and restaurants. Learn what you’ve been missing in terms of making inventory, scheduling and taking orders easier than ever before.Taking Orders Rather than have your servers write down orders and input them into a terminal the old fashioned way, make their jobs easier by letting them input orders on tablets right at the guest’s table. Now you won’t have to worry about servers lining up at terminals to put in orders, which can seriously slow things down.Scheduling Do you have your own salon, massage parlor or any other business that requires scheduling? The SmartSwipe POS makes it easy for you to get everything in order by giving you the ability to prebook, make changes and add appointments all from a single screen. Even better is the fact that everything is maintained in real time.Maintain Your Inventory If you’re like most business owners, keeping up with inventory is probably one of your least favorite and most frustrating tasks. What’s so great about our software is that you can maintain your inventory from anywhere, which can go a long way in freeing up your schedule. Now you can easily use your phone or tablet to make adjustments to the prices, names or numbers of items. This capability can go a long way in reducing mistakes in-store as well as on your website if you allow customers to buy products online. If you have employees, keeping a well-maintained inventory lets them give customers accurate and up-to-date information.Learn More Today To learn more about the tip, item modifier or receipt feature of the SmartSwipe POS, feel free to send over a

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