Why Your Restaurant Business Needs the Clover POS

Success in the restaurant industry requires more than just preparing delicious food. You also must offer great customer service so that people want to come back again and again. One important componen

Bring the Terminal to Clients Clover point of sale has many different options. You can have a base terminal that acts like your traditional point of sale where you wait staff brings the payments to process. However, you also have the option for a small device that you can take everywhere. Your wait staff can bring the point of sale terminal to your customers, letting them pay with their phones using Apple Pay or Android Pay.No Down Time With Clover point of sale terminals, you do not have to worry about down time or excessive delays during transactions. Many of the machines are integrated with WiFi and 3G, so you can connect to the internet in many different locations. It also processes payments even when you are not online. The process is also quick, so your customers do not have to sit and wait a long time for their payment to be processed.Customer SatisfactionWith the Clover POS, you have the capability to take any payments you want, including phone payments and chip cards. What is more, you can customize the payment options to make it easy for customers to include their tip when they complete their transaction. The same device also allows you to manage time sheets, track your inventory and run reports.

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