The Perks of a SmartSwipe POS

SmartSwipe system offers the best of mobile and POS technology in a versatile package that uses your existing iPhone or iPad. Many business owners have sought the advantages of wireless POS systems be

wireless POS systems because they offer real-time connectivity to every aspect of your business. Take a minute to learn more about this unique system and how to tailor it to your business model.Real-Time Payment ProcessingWith nothing more than a wireless connection, you can run and record all sales transaction, whether cash, credit or debit. Using the latest PCI PTS encryption technology, the SmartSwipe system facilitates secure credit transactions, processed and funded by the next business day. It tracks your transactions and automatically updates your inventory, providing precise sales analytics.Item ModificationIf you run a food establishment, you know that many customers what to customize their orders with substitutions and add-ons. SmartSwipe POS makes item modification simple. Program combos and special price points for additional items. Your customer receives an item-by-item breakdown on their receipt, avoiding any price discrepancies.Digital or Print ReceiptsThe SmartSwipe system gives you the option of printing paper receipts or sending them to customers via email. Digital receipts are convenient and reduce paper use, saving you money and resources. At the end of the transaction, the receipt is available in the customer’s inbox. Additionally, through digital receipts, you acquire their email information, helpful in creating marketing lists.Scheduling PlatformMore than just a cash register, your SmartSwipe system also acts as your business planner. Create shift calendars for all your employees and schedule delivery times, payroll periods and more. This all-in-one system lets you conveniently manage your day-to-day operations straight from your iPad.

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