PC America POS Station: Is This Point of Sale Product the Right One for Your Business?

Running your own business is a huge responsibility. It's about more than creating an excellent product or service. You must also track your inventory, pay employees, create high-quality relationships

Running your own business is a huge responsibility. It's about more than creating an excellent product or service. You must also track your inventory, pay employees, create high-quality relationships with vendors, advertise to bring in new customers and work hard to keep your current customers. Doing everything yourself can make you feel quite overwhelmed very quickly. Luckily, there are solutions that help to ease the stress. One such solution is PC America.What Is PC America?PC America is a highly automated point of sale system for retail establishments. While it provides the basic function of acting like a cash register for your customers, it does so much more than that behind the scenes. This point of sale terminal also makes your job easier by efficiently tracking your inventory, allowing your employees to log in and out of it to track hours and even helping you create marketing plans based on your sales trends. According to many PC America POS reviews, users can't believe how much they love the system and only wish they'd heard of it sooner.Cash Register FeaturesOf course, as one would expect from a point of sale system, acting as a cash register for your customers and employees is one of PC America's most important features. The efficient checkout system works in one of two ways: employees can either scan a product's bar code or use the touch screen to add each price to the total. The system itself will determine how much tax is necessary based on the price of the item and your local and state tax laws.Taking payments has never been easier than with PC America. Your customers can, of course, pay with cash if they prefer, but the system also easily handles transactions via debit cards and credit cards. You can even allow it to accept gift cards if your business provides them. The system processes sales in a matter of seconds and is PCI-compliant with PA-DSS certification.Your system also allows you to create customized coupons and discounts for your customers. When the customer uses his or her coupon, the system either automatically accepts it or rejects it based on expiration date, product category or other parameters you set.Hold TransactionsIf you have ever seen the line back up because you rang up a customer's purchase only to find out he or she is without a wallet, you know how difficult it can be to wait for him or her to return from the parking lot with the necessary credit card. PC America realized the types of problems this situation presented and found a solution by allowing cashiers to put transactions on hold. You can suspend the current transaction as needed and serve other customers until your original customer returns and is ready for you to pull the transaction back up and complete it.Create Customer LoyaltyLoyalty programs are proven to keep customers interested in small businesses. PC America lets you create one. Track how often a customer shops with you and provide them with special events, coupons and other rewards every time they make a specific number of purchases. For you it's an effective marketing scheme. For your customers, it's free or discounted items they would have bought anyway, so everybody wins.Inventory FeaturesOne of the hardest parts of running a successful business is keeping up with inventory, especially if you are the only one running most parts of your company. PC America takes the pressure off. Its Purchase Order section allows you to track how much of each item you have in stock as well as to set a level for reordering and how much you need to reorder. If you decide you need to order something between the automated purchases, you can simply press a button to place your order for a specific vendor. By allowing a PC America POS admin to track inventory, you reduce many problems related to running out of products. This includes discrepancies in your stock numbers, eliminating shrinkage problems, and even accidentally re-purchasing an item that barely sold in the first place. PC America's Cash Register Express system deducts an item from your inventory as soon as the sale goes through, making it easier for you to know exactly when you are running low.Go Digital With EaseThese days, you can't run a business — even a brick and mortar one — without having a digital presence. The PC America POS system allows you to easily and quickly create an online presence for your business. The e-commerce options allow you to connect to an existing online store or create a new one altogether and connect it to your website. The system then tracks your online sales and inventory. It even allows customers to purchase online and, if necessary, return the product to the store.Manage EmployeesUse PC America to track your employees. Create a special PC America POS login for every person on your team. This login allows your employee to track his or her hours and allows you to easily perform payroll functions. In addition, the POS system tracks your employees to ensure they do not steal inventory or cash from your business. As the admin, you can decide whether your employees can change prices, void sales or offer discounts.Why Choose Merchant Account SolutionsThe PC America system from Merchant Account Solutions is an excellent choice for any small- or medium-sized business that sells inventory daily. Merchant Account Solutions provides a variety of services that make it the right choice for you.

  • Personalized customer service to meet your needs
  • Price protection so you can protect your bottom line
  • No need to sign contracts
  • No setup fees to start using point of sale systems
  • Access to advanced industry technology
  • Wholesale rates are available
  • Easy invoicing with QuickBooks integration
  • Get deposits as soon as the next day

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