Paying at the Pump Made Easy With Verifone Ruby

While paying at the pump with a credit or debit card isn’t new, the technology used for such transactions goes through its fair share of changes and advances. To ensure your gas station is always at

Verifone Ruby.You’re in Control Every Step of the Way What makes our technology so unique is we go well out of our way to make sure you and your employees remain in the driver’s seat during fuel transactions. This means ensuring you can quickly and easily see prepay and preset sales. You’ll also be fully connected to petroleum generic networks, your back office partners and disperse card readers as well as dispensers.

You’re likely already well aware of the many card options available to your customers, including debit and credit cards as well as petroleum card network cards. No matter what your customers use to pay, Verifone Ruby speeds up the transaction process so your customers have more accurate financial records. Sometimes, it can take a few days for a gas station transaction to show up and for holds to disappear, which can lead to customers accidentally overdrawing on their accounts. Let us help you do your part to keep this from happening.Implement a Loyalty Program Because there are likely several other gas stations in your geographic area, you’ve got to take extra measures to keep customers coming back to your pumps again and again. To help with this, consider a loyalty program from Combo, POP Fuel or Mix and Match. Customers have a new way to save at the pump, and you’re able to better maintain a steady stream of profits.Contact Us If you’d like to learn more about Verifone Ruby or any of the other products or services Merchant Account Solutions provides, feel free to reach out to us


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