Nurit Credit Card Terminals

Nurit credit card terminals are effective options for a wide variety of business owners, and make it possible to accept major credit and debit card payments. Let’s take a look at two of the Nurit op

Nurit credit card terminals are effective options for a wide variety of business owners, and make it possible to accept major credit and debit card payments. Let’s take a look at two of the Nurit options available through Merchant Account Solutions, discuss which business owners may benefit most from using these terminals, and check out a few reviews:

Nurit 2085

The Nurit 2085 is a versatile, reliable option that offers simple operation and functionality. Easily one of the industry’s most popular terminals, the Nurit 2085 features an integrated thermal printer and can accept multiple merchant accounts through a single terminal. This user-friendly terminal is ideal for those who frequently process credit card transactions over traditional phone lines. It also makes for an ideal retail terminal, and works well for those in the restaurant and hospitality businesses.

Nurit 8020

One of the Nurit credit card terminals that operates on a GPRS wireless network, the Nurit 8020 features a compact design and clear white backlit screen. It includes a built-in printer, internal PIN pad, and signature capturing screen. It accepts all major debit and credit cards, and works well for both mobile and brick-and-mortar businesses. Use it as a retail or restaurant terminal, or take it on the road for events such as trade shows, festivals and conventions. Mobile business owners, such as those who operate food trucks, may also find this wireless option is best for their needs.

Nurit Credit Card Terminal Reviews

Let’s take a look at what critics are saying about these Nurit credit card terminals:

From The Top Credit Card Machines and Terminals Concerning the Nurit 8020:

The Nurit 8020 is a widely used wireless terminal in the processing market, and for good reason. Produced by Nurit, the company itself was bought by VeriFone, but VeriFone wisely continued the Nurit line, including the 8020 and its predecessor the Nurit 8000….the 8020 is easily the simplest wireless terminal to work with. Using the NOS (Nurit Operating System) the terminal is fairly intuitive and easy to work with. It comes with a built in printer and an external modem that plugs into the machine so it can be plugged into a phone line for downloads and telephone transactions when wireless access is not available but a phone line is. The terminal also comes with a store and forward mode, so if you cannot receive wireless reception and have no access to a phone line you can run your transactions and they will be stored in the terminal until you get wireless access (or access to the phone line) and upload the transactions. Additionally, the 8020 can use a multi merchant feature and can be internally encrypted, so your customer can use their pin/debit card even if you don’t have a pinpad.

The operation of the terminal has the standard Nurit intuitiveness that makes their terminals so simple to use. The text on the screen is clear, the menus are fairly straight forward, and searching for the menu option you’re looking for is easy. In addition to the standard keypad the 8020 has a touch screen that can be used with a stylus.

From The Merchant Services Blog Concerning the Nurit 2085:

The 2085 is solidly built, features a fast thermal printer, and has a well organized and thought out keyboard design that makes it a snap to learn and use.

One of the most useful features of the Nurit 2085 is it’s multi-merchant capability. This credit card terminal will hold up to nine separate merchant accounts, which is ideal, for example, for MD offices in which multiple physicians share the same office and each needs his/her own credit card machine.

The Nurit 2085 is dial-up only and features a port for an external pin pad for pin debit processing. While it’s footprint isn’t as small as some of the more recent terminal offerings, it has everything, including durability and dependability, that most merchants would need. And, being a somewhat older model, excellent refurbished models are available at excellent pricing.

All told, we like this machine a lot, and highly recommend it for any merchant looked for a lot of bang for their credit card machine buck.

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