Merchant Service Account

Searching for the right credit card processing company to work with? Merchant Account Solutions is the company you want! Check out what benefits await when approved for a Merchant service account: Fre

Free Equipment.

The first of many perks that come with a Merchant service account is free equipment! One credit card terminal costs hundreds of dollars, which adds up quickly if your business requires more than one device. Merchant Account Solutions is happy to offer a wide variety of free terminals to their customers, thus saving businesses hundreds of dollars. And while the terminals may be free, they are of the highest quality, and some of the most popular terminals on the market.

24/7 Customer Service

As a business owner, one of the most frustrating things you can deal with is a faulty credit card terminal that’s “down” for days, resulting in lost sales and irritated consumers. This problem is compounded when working with a company whose account representatives take days to get back to you with a solution or help. Merchant Account Solutions offers 24/7 customer service, allowing you to call any time and receive the help you need. While the terminals offered by Merchant Account Solutions rarely break down, it’s important to have the help you require should a device malfunction or become damaged for some reason. The account representatives at Merchant Account Solutions are ready and able to help you through any issue and resolve it quickly.

Lifetime Price Protection

Merchant Account Solutions not only provides its clients with a low price guarantee and swipe fee rates starting at 0.39%, they also include a Lifetime Price Protection. This means if you are not satisfied with your rate, the company isn’t either! If another credit card processing company offers you a lower rate, Merchant Account Solutions pricing will match the rate if not provide a lower rate. This saves the hassle and lost profits that accompany switching processing companies, and ensures you will always enjoy the lowest rate possible.

Next-Day Funding

While some credit card processing companies take days to place the money from a transaction in your account, Merchant Account Solutions offers next-day funding. Forget waiting days for funds so you can make necessary business purchases, as a Merchant service account equals quick and easy access to your money!

These are just some of the many benefits of working with Merchant Account Solutions! Use their easy online application to qualify for an account, and know that the company approves 98% of applicants. Get started today and see what the company can do for your business!

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