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If your business does not currently accept credit cards, you are missing out on significant sales potential. With the majority on consumers paying with charge cards, your business needs to accommodate

Setting up a New AccountCredit card processing can seem overwhelming to new merchants; however, with the right tools, it can be simple. With Merchant Account Solutions starter kit, you can receive everything you need to begin processing cards immediately. The kit includes:

  • Low introductory rates starting at 0.35%
  • Free card terminal
  • Next day deposits
  • Same Day Approval
  • Additional supplies and decals

Once your account is established, you can begin accepting all major credit cards, including AmEx.Upgrading Your Merchant ServicesIf your current credit card processor is taking more money than you would like, consider making the switch to Merchant Account Solutions, where you’ll find guaranteed savings. Plus, when you switch services, they’ll pay your cancellation fees. There is no contract, and you’re guaranteed low rates and next day deposits.A Variety of Services Merchant Account Solutions has POS and accounting experience in numerous industries, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Fueling stations
  • Hotels and lodging
  • Non-profits
  • Commerce

No matter your service or product, you receive secure payment processing in a variety of forms. Take advantage of the latest in POS and card reading technology, which include chip readers, NCF scanners, barcode scanners and receipt making. Combine your sales with operations management as you track merchandise and inventory. Compile consumer data and sales trends to make more informed decisions about your business.

If your business is lagging behind the times, bring your payment processing services up to speed. To receive more information or to open an account,

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