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There are several platforms that allow for point of sale management from a device, but not many that also offer a sleek all-in-one POS experience that allows you to set up a core sales station while a

There are several platforms that allow for point of sale management from a device, but not many that also offer a sleek all-in-one POS experience that allows you to set up a core sales station while allowing you to continue using any device to manage transactions. When you have the versatility to move back and forth with a system that works through both reader-enabled mobile devices and combination stations, you get the ability to easily manage sales at events while still retaining the powerful features you need for stationary storefront operations over the long term.SmartSwipe POS Reviews AgreeThis POS system has been recognized by GetApp as a Category Leader, debuting at the #8 spot overall, a strong showing for a new device. Other reviewers agree that its strong features, ease of use, and versatility are all great. The GetApp evaluation included specific positive mention of its security features and solid user reviews as well.While SmartSwipe is built to work for any retail business or restaurant, reviewers are especially encouraged by the features that were built in to cater to restaurants and quick service food establishments. Those features include:

  • Mobile payment acceptance
  • Store and recall uploaded menus
  • Track customers for rewards programs and marketing insights
  • Mange inventory
  • Provide loyalty incentives
  • Run real-time shift analytics to improve business performance

Streamline Service and Connect With CustomersOne of the reasons that this device has become so popular is because of its easy installation on a variety of mobile devices. This allows your servers to put orders directly into the system without needing to carry an additional pad and pen. Eliminate bottlenecking at the POS station, and notify the kitchen immediately whenever a new order goes in. When you upload your menus, you can even bring up details and answer customer questions with the push of a button.Combine the mobile app and credit card reader with a full-service SmartSwipe POS station and integrate your operation so that servers can easily produce printed receipts on demand and manage a cash drawer while handling credit card transactions quickly and simply, without leaving the table.Compare SmartSwipe to the CompetitionThere are a variety of features offered through both the POS station and the mobile app that set this platform apart from competitors, even large competitors that typically dominate media coverage for this industry. Those features include:

  • Support for every major mobile device operating system
  • Easy to use all-in-one POS hardware options
  • Online and phone support
  • Options and coverage designed for small and mid-sized businesses

When put side-by-side with its major competitors, this platform is notable in many reviews for its ease of use, with the SmartSwipe POS admin allowing for the easy coordination of multiple device interfaces within a single sales and reporting channel. That means you can see all the transactions coming from each device through backend access, and administrative logins at the POS station itself will be able to track the entire business in real time. It also means that printed receipts are easy to produce.Looking at the SmartSwipe POS OptionsThere are two main options for all-in-one systems on the SmartSwipe platform, and both come with the same easy-to-use features that make it an excellent choice on mobile. That includes easy tip addition, as well as the ability to add on features and customize orders with a few easy swipes.

  • SmartSwipe All-in-One: The M Pop terminal uses Bluetooth technology to connect devices to the cash drawer and printer. This makes it easy to pick up and use and easy to scale as you find yourself needing multiple screens to handle all your customers. The integration is simple, and you can count on it being intuitive to configure.
  • SmartSwipe Bundle POS: This is the most deluxe bundle for those who need to have all the options. It includes an upgraded cash drawer and printer system, as well as an iPad stand, bar code reader, multiple card reader options, and a heckler stand. That’s in addition to its top of the line digital tools using advanced technological upgrades.

Using your existing SmartSwipe POS login allows you to easily set up and configure new POS bundles when you are upgrading your equipment, which makes it even easier to smoothly transition as you implement upgrades.Additional Point of Sale OptionsMerchant Account Solutions dedicates itself to providing customers with a range of choices, allowing them to find the best possible POS for their company. That means offering both Smartswipe options as well as access to the state-of-the-art terminal that barely edged them out as the best POS system. If you are looking for a point of comparison, it’s worth checking out our other system choices to see which one winds up being the best fit for your business.While the Clover 2.0 does have some extra features above and beyond the SmartSwipe stations, food and beverage industry reviewers do typically give an edge to the SmartSwipe in head-to-head comparisons. It’s worth looking and deciding for yourself. On the one hand, the Clover system has an advanced app store and cloud support that allows you to do administrative work from any device. On the other hand, though, the multi-device support offered by SmartSwipe in both its app and its Bluetooth work stations is powerful. It allows food service businesses to easily put an activated device with each server.Making the Right Choice for Your BusinessInvesting in the right point of sale system means weighing the costs and features of every model available, which is why choice is important. Each POS attempts to be versatile enough to cover every retail business model possible, but the fact is, some models will always work better for some businesses. Merchant Account Solutions understands that, which is why it is easy to find a variety of options for terminals and point of sale systems made to fit specific business niches.If you are looking for new equipment, contact Merchant Account Solutions today to talk about POS station prices, supported software, or guaranteed low rates for credit card processing.

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