LightSpeed Point of Sale: The All-in-One POS

Efficiency is essential in the restaurant industry. Your business has no time to deal with an antiquated POS system. For the latest in business and consumer convenience, you need a LightSpeed point of

LightSpeed point of sale, which combines the functions of traditional POS systems with real-time business analytics. Increase customer turnover and keep your employees on track with easy-to-use desktop and mobile devices.Wireless Front of House and Kitchen ConnectionClearly communicating orders to the kitchen keeps service running smoothly. LightSpeed avoids miscommunication with a direct line between servers and kitchen staff, sending digital order tickets straight from the table to the cooks. No messy handwriting to decipher and no confusing substitutions. Additionally, you can send mass notifications to the entire staff, such as new specials, out of stock items and special events.Detailed Business ManagementTracking your performance data is helpful in making decisions for the future. With LightSpeed, you can get up-to-the-minute sales and performance analytics. Plus, you can manage many daily operations directly from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Additional management features include:

  • Scheduling
  • Employee sales
  • Bill splitting
  • Digital menu creation

Sales and Product AnalysisWith real-time sales tracking, LightSpeed can put together detailed business reports that can be accessed any time. Gain valuable information such as product popularity and inventory cost analysis. Additional accounting functions also make managing your money simple. Your sales data is automatically synced up to your accounting information, providing real-time profits and expenditures. Stop crunching numbers and let the software account for you.Keep Information SecureYou can create accounts for every employee and set specific access restrictions individually. Additionally, your cloud server is encrypted and automatically backed up on Liteserver. Never worry about losing important accounting data again.

For more information about setting up LightSpeed Point of Sale in your establishment, contact the POS specialists at Merchant Account Solutions.


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