Why Landlords Should Allow Tenants To Pay Rent With A Mobile Credit Card Machine

Today’s renters want to be able to pay for their rent with a credit card. Ideally, they prefer to pay online or through their mobile devices, avoiding trips to a leasing office or post office. If yo

More Timely Rent CollectionWhen you accept credit cards for rent, either online or with a mobile credit card machine, you give your tenants an easy way to get rent to you. This, in turn, gets rent into your bank account quicker than waiting for a check or a check to clear, or waiting for a tenant to bring a cashiers check to you. Also, taking credit cards for rent lets your tenants easily pay their rent even when their bank account is short. Throwing a rent payment on a credit card and paying it off later is better than not being able to pay rent at all.Affordable Mobile Credit Card Machine and Online SolutionsAccepting credit cards for rent payments doesn’t mean you have to bear the burden of fees. You can pass credit card fees on to your tenants, who will likely gladly pay them in exchange for the convenience of using a credit card for rent. Merchant Account Solutions lets you process credit cards for free and enjoy the benefit of more timely rent payments.Wireless Credit Card Merchant

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