Hypercom Credit Card Machine

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Hypercom Optimum T4205 Credit Card Terminal

Hailed as the most compact credit card machine available from Hypercom, the Optimum T4205 features a large 19-key layout for optimal key recognition, a slim design for easy handling, simple software application downloads and updates, and Hypersafe 32 architecture to prevent fraudulent terminal tampering. It also features PCI PED approval for PIN-based debit transactions.

Hypercom Optimum T4210 Credit Card Terminal

Regarded as a cost-effective dial solution, the Optimum T4210 now includes all the built-in features other IP-enabled Hypercom terminals offer. Additional features include a 19-key layout, drop-in load printer for simple reloads and no paper jams, multiple applications for retail, restaurant, mail order, small ticket sales, telephone order companies and more, and PCI PED approval.

Hypercom Optimum T4230 Credit Card Terminal

This Hypercom credit card machine features both dialed and GPRS wireless processing. A wireless credit card machine, terminal features include dual-com dialed and IP-enabled capabilities, PCI PED, PTSP and EMV approval, an advanced fail-safe checkpoint mechanism, drop-in load printer, and multiple applications for a wide variety of businesses.

Hypercom PV1310 Pinpad Terminal

This pin-based Hypercom terminal is fully compatible with most credit card machines, including Tranz, verifone, Hypercom and Lipman Nurit terminals. It also features the latest securities via DUKPT encryption.

Hypercom T4220 Credit Card Terminal

Equipped with advanced troubleshooting capabilities, this Hypercom credit card machine is PCI PED, PTSP and EMV approved. Additional features include dual-com dialed and IP-enabled capabilities, drop-in load printer, and multiple applications for numerous businesses, including dynamic currency conversion and internet credit card processing.

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