How To: Spot A Credit Card Skimmer

In today’s world of advanced technology, it is easier now than ever before for the bad guys to obtain critical information from you. One way crooks get your personal data is with a credit card skimm

Check for TamperingBefore you even pull out your card, check the ATM for obvious signs of tampering. Tamper locations can be near the sides of the screen, close to the speakers, the keyboard, and the card reader. If anything appears different, such as the color, graphics, or material, opt to use another ATM.Look for Loose PartsEven if you don’t notice any visual signs of tampering, be sure to wiggle everything on the machine. ATMs are typically of solid construction and do not have any loose or jiggling components. See if the credit card reader and keyboard are securely intact. If anything seems out of place, use a different machine.How to Avoid a Credit Card Skimmer

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