How iPad POS Improves Tipping

Customers often tip employees to say thank you for great service, and business owners in certain industries rely on those tips to supplement the salaries of employees. Anything you can do to increase

mobile POS card reader, it is easier for customers to tip and more likely that your employees will get better tips.Make It Easy for the CustomerWhen a tip is designated on a receipt, the customer is often the one doing the figuring. With an iPad POS system, the customer sees certain amounts, determines which one is appropriate for the service and chooses it with just the tip of a finger. You can specify tip totals by percentage or amount, ensuring that customers know exactly how much they are tipping.Allow the Customers to Control the TippingWhile tipping is standard in many industries, some customers still have a hard time trusting an employee to handle the transaction honestly and they want to be in control. With a traditional payment method, the customer signs the slip, adds a tip and the employee inputs the numbers into the system. This is basically a trust issue, as the employee could easily change the tip amount. A POS systems puts the control back in the hands of your customers and increases tip amounts.Give the Customer a Better ExperienceThe entire process of tipping can be awkward if it is not handled correctly. With

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