Free Credit Card Machines

Looking to offer more than one way to pay at your place of business, but don’t want to pay for a credit card machine? You are hardly alone! Many in the business world aren’t interested in paying h

Retail Terminals

Retail terminals are ideal for those who make many face-to-face transactions during the course of the business day, such as people in the hotel, restaurant and retail businesses. Merchant Account Solution’s retail options include integrated thermal printers and next-day funding, and acceptance of both credit and debit cards.

Mobile Terminals

Free credit card machines from Merchant Account Solutions also include mobile terminals, such as the SmartSwipe option that transforms a smartphone into a portable credit card terminal. It includes a free app and setup, digital signature capture, text and email receipts, and the ability to track credit, checks and cash. The mobile card reader’s item control feature makes it easy to add pictures of your products or service, set prices and write descriptions.


QuickBooks software is free through Merchant Account Solutions, and works well for those with recurring billing needs. Processing debit and credit card transactions is easy, and the software’s integration also allows you to process and apply payments to customers, invoices and jobs. Data entry is simple, next-day funding is available, and you have the option to swipe or key in credit cards.

Wireless Terminals

Why not go wireless? Free wireless terminals make accepting payment simple. A thermal printer comes with each terminal, and next-day funding is also available. The Way 5000 is an excellent example of a wireless terminal, as it is the only credit card machine capable of supporting gift cards. It includes a bluetooth printer for customer receipts as well.

Swipe Fees

Swipe fees are one of the main reasons businesses want to stay “cash only,” however Merchant Account Solution’s low-cost guarantee means you’ll never pay high fees for each transaction, nor will you deal with hidden fee issues. Rates start at 0.39%, allowing you to expand your business, make more money and maintain a happy customer base.

Look into free credit card terminals and explore your options!

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