The Flexibility of the Clover Flex

With the advent of mobile and wireless technology, POS systems have become smaller, more versatile and portable. This new age of POS flexibility has placed platforms such as Clover Flex in high demand

mobile POS system, complete with card processor, barcode scanner and receipt printer, that fits in the palm of your hand. Discover the advantages that Clover Flex can provide your business.Keep the Line Moving Clover Flex allows you to reduce or eliminate counter lines by offering sales floor checkout. You can ring customers up anywhere in the store. Cashiers can conduct transactions with guests in line during peak hours, reducing wait times and moving merchandise quickly. With shorter lines and faster service, customers are more likely to return.Table-side TabsIn the fast-paced worlds of bars and restaurants, turnover is critical. Precious minutes are lost running checks between tables, splitting tabs and running multiple credit cards. With Clover Flex, servers can perform transactions right at the table. Customers can pay directly, splitting the check as needed without complication.Save Counter SpaceAs technology gets smaller, you no longer need to take up valuable counter space with large desktop computers and modems. You can use your portable Clover Flex as your primary till. Of course, you could also eliminate the need for a checkout counter all together.Stay ConnectedThe Clover Flex includes 3G wireless capability, meaning you can perform transactions without a Wi-Fi connection. However, even without a cellular connection, the machine records transactions offline and updates once a connection is reestablished, so you never miss a sales opportunity. No matter where your business takes you, you’re prepared.

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