Finding the Best Point of Sale Reseller Program

Although it may seem confusing to the untrained beginner, getting started reselling POS systems is fairly straightforward. First, you must sign up to become a reseller. Then, complete the reseller par

Although it may seem confusing to the untrained beginner, getting started reselling POS systems is fairly straightforward. First, you must sign up to become a reseller. Then, complete the reseller partner agreement form to activate your account.Once this is complete, you will gain access to introductory software training videos and a discounted reseller price. You will also have the opportunity to train with expert technicians. After this, begin uploading your custom logo and proposals to become an active reseller partner. Get started by selling and fulfilling your first order.Typical resellers range from merchant service providers to IT professionals. Chefs, restaurant owners, bartenders and nightclub owners can all become resellers. Essentially, anyone who comes into contact with a POS system can begin the point of sale reseller program. Individual resellers who know a minimal amount about POS can become a master seller in no time.

What It Takes to Become a POS Reseller

POS reseller careers take time and investment to master. Point of sale reseller jobs require locating the proper hardware, applying the correct software, negotiating prices and establishing relationships with distributors.Until you gain your footing with the system, there are a few learning curves you’ll have to overcome in order to offer a reliable POS solution for buyers. Once you have done that, the point of sale reseller jobs available to you are practically endless.A variety of POS reseller programs are available if you are committed to learning the ins and outs of the system. These programs provide resellers with multi-level training classes, demo equipment and product support. A quality point of sale reseller program will provide resellers with a web-based quoting tool where he or she can customize professional proposals. You will also have access to helpful tools like a markup percentage generator. This saves you the hassle of shopping around to different point of sale providers and waiting on proposals. With a point of sale reseller program, you can eliminate the middleman and send quotes yourself.

POS Referral Programs

There are also point of sale reseller programs available that are designed for people interested in passing leads on to a POS reseller. For referral programs, you earn commission based on the price of each system sold. Depending on the size of the deal you lock in, you can expect to earn roughly $250 per lead you bring in.In the point of sale reseller program, locking in leads becomes more lucrative. The reseller is doing the majority of the leg work by assisting the prospect in finding the ideal system and configuring it. The reseller must then train the buyer on the new software and offer ongoing support. Resellers often enjoy this approach because it allows them to develop an ongoing relationship with their prospects. In this scenario, a reseller submits an order to a program and the order is fulfilled. This saves the parent company time and energy, allowing them to pass the profit and savings on to their resellers.

Looking for the Best Reseller Programs

When looking for the best point of sale reseller program for you, keep in mind that there are a few components to look for in a superior program. Be on the lookout for a POS reseller program that is easy to use, has advanced features, is cloud-based, provides quality leads, offers marketing support, features competitive pricing, and provides ongoing training. Each of these aspects might not be beneficial to you now, but they can help you develop your brand as it continues to grow down the line.At Merchant Account Solutions, we offer both POS Reseller and Referral programs. If you are interested in either of these, contact us today to get started.

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