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Merchant Account Solutions ensures that you and your customers have an easy experience in every business transaction. For more information about merchant account credit card processing, contact our ta

merchant account credit card processing, contact our talented and experienced staff.Credit cards offer ease of use for you and your customers.No matter what kind of business you work in, you will see an increase in sales if you accept credit cards. A majority of face-to-face transactions are handled via credit or debit cards (66 percent). The number of people with credit cards continues to grow, as 175 million people carry at least one card.Face-to-face sales can be done quickly with retail terminals.When you are trying to decide on card machines for business, check out the Nurit 2085. The Nurit 2085 works across a wide variety of businesses, including restaurants, hotels, and professional service providers.

You can use the Nurit 2085 when you are trying to process transactions over a traditional phone line. Thanks to its simple operation and functionality, this option is popular among a variety of businesses. It’s built with an integrated thermal printer and accepts multiple merchants in a single terminal.Virtual terminals take the hassle out of online sales.If the revenue of your business primarily comes from online sales, you will still need a reliable credit card machine. The e-commerce gateway from Merchant Account Solutions allows you to accept payments over a secure socket layer encryption technology.

Not only is the solution easy to set up, but it can easily be used on 98 percent of all shopping carts. This solution is also perfect for when you need to do recurring billing.

The talented team at Merchant Account Solutions will help you find the right product to allow credit cards into your business. Check out our

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