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Credit card machines are essential tools for expanding your business as far as payment is concerned. They provide customers with more than one way to pay, thus increasing revenue and ensuring client l

Nurit 2085

The Nurit 2085 is an ideal credit card processing machine for businesspeople who need to process credit card transactions over a traditional phone line. This can include those in the hospitality business, or any company that performs a large number of credit card transactions over the phone, such as ticketing companies. Regarded as a versatile, reliable credit card terminal that’s easy to operate, the Nurit 2085 is very resilient and includes an integrated thermal printer. It’s also capable of accepting multiple merchant accounts.

Way 5000

The Way 5000 is a wireless credit card machine for sale that supports both credit and signature debit transactions. Equipped to run multiple applications, this terminal features a bluetooth printer for customer receipts, and runs on a GPRS network. It also provides assorted options, as it can support CVV verification and cash receipts. Ideal for merchants who make a lot of face-to-face transactions, such as those in the retail and restaurant industries, the Way 5000 is also the first credit card machine to support gift cards.


Hypercom terminals are another example of credit card machines for sale through Merchant Account Solutions, with typical features including large 19-key layout for optimal key recognition, slim design for easy handling, PCI PED approval for PIN-based debit transactions, drop-in load printer for simple reloads, and multiple applications for retail, restaurant, mail order, small ticket sales, telephone order companies and more.

A Frequently-Asked Question

Swipe fees are a common concern most businesses have when reviewing credit card machines for sale. The best way to avoid high swipe fees is to apply with a company such as Merchant Account Solutions, as they’ll work with you to come up with a reasonable fee that suits your budget. Rates start at 0.39% for swiped cards, with the company offering a low cost guarantee regarding rates. Forget hidden fees and enjoy knowing you’ve receiving the lowest price available!

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