Credit Card Machine Rentals

Credit card machine rentals are sometimes necessary for special events, however unless you need the equipment for one event or occasion only, you’re looking at a few issues and potential problems. L


The main problem with credit card machine rentals is the companies who deal in rentals tend to charge the highest usage fees. Such companies must make up for the time the machines are not being used, which is why prices are so high. Another issue is potential damage. If the machine is dropped or otherwise broken in some way, you’re looking at a costly replacement fee. However, if you truly only need a credit card machine rental for a one-time event, it’s still a good idea to choose the rental.

Benefits of Using a Credit Card Machine

Whether you’re in the retail, restaurant, hospitality or other business that requires daily accepting of payment, it’s in your best interest to obtain a credit card machine. While machines can easily cost upwards of $500, working with the right merchant company means receiving a free terminal! Merchant Account Solutions offers low credit card swipe fees and provides free terminals to customers, thus saving them money upfront and allowing them to easily make more money over time due to expanded payment options.

Why deprive yourself of potential business? Consumers love options, and are often more likely to patronize a business where they can pay in cash or assorted plastic. A business that’s cash-only, however? Some customers will simply walk out because they have credit cards only, while others won’t use said business at all due to payment limitations.

Options Available

Merchant Account Solutions features a wide variety of credit card machine terminals for you to pick from based on the type of business you own. These include virtual terminals for those who do business online, wireless terminals for businesspeople who make a lot of face-to-face sales, such as restaurateurs, hotel managers and retailers, and mobile card readers for those whose business constantly has them “on the go.”

Yes, credit card machine rentals are sometimes the optimal choice, however if you want to run a successful business, it’s best to provide customers with multiple payment options. Merchant Account Solutions will work with you to come up with a per-swipe fee that’s low enough to fit your budget.

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