The Clover POS Reviews Are In: Customers and Critics Love the Clover Station POS

Today’s marketplace has seen a proliferation of choices for retail customers looking to establish sophisticated point-of-sale stations that can also be used to manage the overall infrastructure of t

Today’s marketplace has seen a proliferation of choices for retail customers looking to establish sophisticated point-of-sale stations that can also be used to manage the overall infrastructure of the operation. The sheer number of choices can be daunting at first, but once you find the equipment that is built for companies like yours, it gets easier. Platforms are more successful when they are more adaptable, which is why the Clover Station POS is getting such positive praise from reviewers. From its versatile interface and customizable service menu to its conveniently small counter top imprint and its sleek design, there’s a lot to love. Let’s break down some of the highlights.Ease of UseOne of the most important positive aspects of the Clover Station that reviewers consistently mentioned was how easy it was to get it up and going, and then to train new employees to use it. The system has a few strong features that you can set up quickly out of the box, and then it is customizable using a variety of apps that provide cloud-based services on a subscription basis. That way, it’s easy for managers to add the features they need without cluttering up the desktop and making it more difficult to navigate. That way, your staff can find what they need and enter orders more quickly.Clover’s unique combination of printer, register, and terminal with its POS software system is a big contributor to its easy setup and use. By eliminating the need for supplementary hardware, it streamlines both the learning curve for new operators and the counter top space you need to dedicate to your point of sale.Cloud-Based Service and Subscription AppsThe core of the Clover experience since 2011 has been the versatility of its a la carte app ecosystem. The device OS is a modified and proprietary version of the Android operating system that has been adapted to work exclusively on Clover POS devices. While Clover POS reviews have mixed opinions of the app store’s execution, they unequivocally call attention to the versatility of being able to choose exactly what features are accessible on each individual station is a huge bonus.This lets managers customize individual point of sale stations, limiting time card services to a single station or otherwise customizing them for each site’s individual needs. App features that be easily added include:

  • Employee time card tracking
  • Specials, including buy one get one and promotional discount codes
  • Inventory tracking
  • Sales reports
  • Employee sales and commission tracking
  • Assigning workers multiple job codes for the clover POS login

These are just a few of the most popular features available on the device. The easy to use Clover POS admin system provides managers with the ability to add and customize these apps whenever new features are needed.Updated Options for Restaurants and PubsThe Clover Station set the standard for POS design for over half a decade. Not only did its versatility inform the features other stations chose to include to remain competitive, its aesthetic and its all-in-one approach to providing terminal and register services became standards that customers demanded from new models. While it provided versatile options for many businesses, certain types of restaurants reported features missing that were essential to them.This has been addressed through the introduction of new apps over the years, and the new Clover Station 2.0 integrates those changes into the core operating system. That makes it an ideal choice for restaurateurs who felt the first model needed a few tweaks before it worked for their establishments. With those features in place, the newest Clover model is impressing today’s reviewers just as solidly as the original did when it debuted.Additional Clover 2.0 FeaturesOn top of the overhauled features for restaurants and other software additions that increase the new Clover’s versatility, there are also hardware design features that provide much-needed updates.

  • EMV card support for chip-enabled cards out of the box, with no extra attachments
  • A larger screen for your employees and a customer-facing printer display to make communication easier
  • Fingerprint recognition for greater security
  • Intuitive time sheet management without additional app support
  • Inventory tracking tools that include sophisticated reporting options out of the box

Gift Cards, Insights, and RewardsMarketing and customer retention are important to practically any company that generates most of its revenue through sales, whether it’s food and beverages, clothing, automotive, or any other niche. When your point of sale system helps you by supporting your marketing and customer retention efforts, it is much easier to streamline their implementation. That’s why it’s important to mention the way Clover brings these features to bear in its ecosystem.

  • Clover Gift Cards allow you to use both digital and plastic gift cards with ease, issuing them from any terminal with the app enabled and configured. You can also add store credit instantly with this feature.
  • Sales Insights and Analytics work by tracking your individual sales and identifying trends as they emerge. This allows you to make more informed decisions about what promotions are working for you and how to build on them in the future.
  • Rewards program management allows you to create fun incentive programs for customers, so you can increase repeat business and reward your regulars. Just install Clover Rewards and configure the features to provide the benefits you want to provide for frequent patrons.

Wrap-UpIf you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing all-in-one POS with cloud-based backend access so you can manage it from wherever you happen to be, then you should look at either the Clover Station or the Clover Station 2.0. Clover has been leading the pack for years, offering versatility and often bringing new features to the market before competitors. With the updates in the 2.0 station, the system has become even more powerful and even easier to use.Of course, the Clover Station can’t operate on its own. You’ll need to set up a merchant account with a processor. Contact Merchant Account Solutions today to find out more about getting the right Clover Station model for your place of business, and learn more about guaranteed low credit card processing rates too.

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