Cheapest Way to Accept Credit Cards

The cheapest way to accept credit cards is to find a company that offers free terminals as well as low monthly fees. While it is possible to work with a company who won’t charge you monthly fees, su

Free Terminals

Working with a company such as Merchant Account Solutions is an ideal way to obtain a free terminal, and therefore save about $500. The company is upfront about its pricing, something to look for when researching who you wish to work with regarding credit card processing. If a company is unclear about how much they charge for swiping cards, it is best to look elsewhere, as you’ll likely be slapped with any number of hidden fees. Merchant Account Solutions makes it easy for you to figure out how much you’ll be spending on card swipe fees based on your current customer base, and receiving free equipment certainly sweetens the deal!

Low Rates

Merchant Account Solutions offers rates starting at 0.39% for swiped cards, and will work with you to determine what price best suits your budget. The company’s low-cost guarantee is just that--you’re guaranteed to receive a low rate, with next-day funding available. A 98% approval rate means you’re highly likely to receive your free equipment and agreed-upon rate quickly and easily.

Additional Benefits

Additional benefits regarding the cheapest way to accept credit cards is through tech support. Merchant Account Solutions provides 24/7 customer support, meaning you won’t lose precious time and money because your terminal is down and you cannot reach the company who needs to fix it. Merchant works with their customers to get to the proverbial bottom of the tech issue so you lose as little money as possible. After all, the probability that consumers only have “plastic” in their wallets at any given time is quite high, and you don’t want to turn anyone away because your terminal is malfunctioning!

Working with a company such as Merchant Account Solutions is easily the cheapest way to accept credit cards in terms of your business.

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