Cash vs. Credit Card Processing For Public Transportation

If you’re a bus operator, or if you run other types of public transportation, it can be difficult to know what is cheaper to accept, cash or credit card. Many public transportation operators agree t

Credit Card Processing and Near Instant IncomeWith credit card payments, transportation fees get deposited into your account without any effort on your part. Not many people will find anything to dislike about that. Non-cash transactions give the transportation provider the opportunity to see in almost real time what income is, allowing for timely adjustments that are important for small operations.Keep to a Tighter ScheduleAs a public transportation provider, you’ve probably encountered many riders who are fumbling through their purses and pockets trying to find exact change for the fee or locate the money to begin with. Offer credit card processing and it’s simple for these individuals to swipe and get seated, saving you time, and keeping you on your schedule.Reduce Cash Management Costs

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