Cash, Check Or Credit Card Processing At Gas Stations?

If any business needs credit card processing services to survive, it’s the gas station. There are 123,289 convenience stores that sell fuel, and they make up over 80% of all U.S. gas sales. The cust

Portable Swipe Machines Encourage Impulse Buying.Studies have shown that a consumer will spend more when they use a credit or debit card than they would if they paid with cash. Just the sight of a credit card processing logo near the cash register, or a portable swipe machine on the counter, lets many customers feel like they have a “tab” at the store. They decide to pick up a 2-liter bottle of soda, a cup of coffee, that new edition of Kit Kat bar, and whatever else catches their eye. Gas station owners agree that the extra impulse sales more than make up for the credit card fees incurred by credit card processing.Get the Best of Both Worlds with Credit Machine Solutions

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