Merchant Services Provider

Need a reliable merchant services provider that will make accepting credit and debit cards as easy and seamless as possible? If you’re a business owner checking out credit card processing companies

Free Equipment

Credit card terminals aren’t exactly inexpensive, with one easily costing upwards of $500. If your business requires more than one terminal...well, it adds up quickly, doesn’t it? Using Merchant Account Solutions as your merchant services provider means access to free, top-quality equipment, including popular Verifone, Eclipse and Hypercom models. For example, the Nurit 8020 is a wireless credit card terminal offered for free to Merchant Account Solutions customers. It operates on a GPRS network and features a compact design as well as a clear white backlit screen. The highly-portable machine also includes a built-in printer, internal PIN pad and signature capturing screen. Capable of accepting all major credit and debit cards, the Nurit 8020 is merely one example of the perks this merchant services provider offers!

24/7 Customer Service

As a busy business owner, waiting days for your merchant services provider to get back to you regarding a faulty terminal or other issue isn’t an option. That’s why Merchant Account Solutions provides 24/7 customer service is both ideal and reassuring--if you have any issue with your equipment, you can call immediately and have a dedicated service representative walk you through the problem. “Down” terminals equal lost sales and irritated customers--something no merchant has time for!

Low-Cost Guarantee

Merchant Account Solution’s low-cost guarantee means you will receive the lowest pricing available. Additionally, the company’s Lifetime Price Protection ensures your price remains low! Should another company approach you with a lower price, Merchant Account Solutions will match if not beat said price. As a dedicated merchant services provider, Merchant Account Solutions understands the hassle of switching credit card processing companies, as it results in lost profits while waiting to make the transition. Rather than going through all of that, Merchant will ensure your rate stays low!

These are just some of the many amazing benefits of working with Merchant Account Solutions as your merchant services provider! Providing consumers with more than one payment option is an easy way to double if not triple business, as people are more likely to make larger as well as impulse purchases when using plastic. Make Merchant Account Solutions your merchant services provider and enjoy the many benefits that follow!

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