Best Credit Card Processing Company  

If looking for the right credit card processing company to work with, it’s important to do the proper research first! Check out a few tips on what makes up the best credit card processing company fo

credit card processing services is a low rate. For example, Merchant Account Solutions guarantees the lowest rate and will match or beat competitor rates. Their lifetime price protection guarantee allows you to maintain a low rate without going through the hassle of switching companies. This not only takes time out from focusing on your business, but results in lost profit due to “down terminals” during the switch. It also causes customer frustration when they can’t pay with plastic. Merchant Account Solution rates start at 0.39% for swiped cards.

Next Day Funding

Waiting to receive payment can interfere with many things, including the ability to purchase necessary items and inventory for your business. Merchant Account Solutions eliminates long waiting times by offering next day funding to all clients. This allows you to carry on without any issues.

Easy Online Application

Forget dealing with complicated applications that cause more headaches than anything else. Merchant Account Solutions makes the application process quick and easy, and approves 98% of applications. This is yet another reason Merchant is the best credit card processing company!

24/7 Customer Service

Another very important feature to look for when researching credit card processing companies is customer service. Merchant Account Solutions offers unparalleled 24/7 customer service, allowing you to contact your dedicated customer service representative whenever you require assistance. Dealing with a malfunctioning terminal is frustrating enough, and even more so when you cannot access support when you need it. This results in lost profits and unhappy customers! Merchant Account Solutions’ customer service team will provide the quick and effective assistance you need so you don’t lose valuable time and money. Dealing with faulty credit card terminals is detrimental to any business, and may make customers think twice about patronizing your establishment again.

Free Equipment

Credit card terminals are expensive, especially if you need more than one! Merchant Account Solutions offers clients free equipment, including quality retail terminals, software and

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