Accept Credit Cards Today

Accept credit cards today and watch your customer base grow! Adding one or more credit card terminals to your place of business is a simple yet highly-effective way to increase revenue and ensure cust

Won’t I Have to Buy a Terminal?Not necessarily! While purchasing a credit card terminal is a way to go, working with the right merchant-based company, such as Merchant Account Solutions, is a fast and easy way to obtain a terminal for free. You’ll save upwards of $500 and gain access to 24/7 customer support, something the retail or online store you purchased a terminal from cannot offer. Save yourself some serious money by opting for free card payment machines when you work with Merchant Account Solutions.

Another possibility is to go the mobile or virtual terminal route. If you operate an online business, or one that requires constant travel as opposed to working in a specific location, you won’t have use for a typical terminal. Virtual terminals for online businesses and mobile card readers for smartphones are two inexpensive, viable options that make it easy to accept credit credit cards no matter where you do business.What About Swipe Fees?Swipe fees are a common concern for most businesses who accept credit cards, regardless of size. The best way to avoid high fees is to work with a company such as Merchant Account Solutions, as you’ll receive a reasonable fee that suits your business needs. Rates start at 0.39% for swiped cards, with Merchant Account Solutions offering a low cost guarantee regarding rates. Forget hidden fees and feel satisfied knowing you’ve receiving the lowest price available!My Terminal Broke Down. What Do I Do?

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