5 Security Tips For E-Commerce Sites

When you sign up for an Internet credit card processing service, there are some steps you’ll need to take to make sure your customers’ payment information is safe. But, don’t fear. You don’t h

  • Know What Vulnerabilities lie in Your Existing set up
  • Take the time to learn about the types of fraudulent activities that are committed against e-Commerce sites like yours, that way you can better stop criminals before they get to you. If your business has employees, offer training so they can learn ways that thieves target companies like yours, and have your employees inform you of any suspicious activity they see. Most importantly, keep learning because hackers and fraudsters are always finding ways to invade businesses’ payment systems.

    1. Work Toward PCI-DSS Compliance
    The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council created PCI-DSS Compliance regulations to standardize processing, transmission, and storage of sensitive payment information. The regulations may seem a bit complicated at first glance, and they’re constantly being revised, but they’re beneficial in offering companies a guide to stopping fraud.
    1. Lock-Up Your Computer and Devices
    Whether you work in a room by yourself, or in a space with many trusted employees, it’s advisable to put your computer and devices on lockdown when you step away from them. Make sure all devices are password protected and make sure that you only give administrative access to those you would absolutely trust with your own personal data.
    1. Don’t Store Customer Information
    When you accept a credit card on a website, don’t store your customers’ personal data longer than it takes to process the payment transaction. This means, no storage on your company servers or in a cloud.
    1. Add Steps to the Internet Credit Card Processing Service Process
    Add authentication steps to every payment processing transaction, such as verifying your customers’ address, security code on a card, and possibly even a geolocation. You might want to have an additional verification step for large-ticket items, and for items that are processed outside of their normal purchasing areas or behaviors.

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