5 Necessary Tech Tools For Every Freelancer

Nearly 53 million folks worldwide enjoy the wild ride that is contract work. These freelancers are living out their dreams, working for themselves, and enjoying the benefits of having a flexible work

Wireless Credit Card MachineFor a person without a set work environment, a wireless credit card machine is the ideal integrated merchant services tool to allow mobile clients to pay for the services they receive right from their tablets or smartphones. It’s ideal for a jet-setting freelancer who always telecommutes.SightedSighted is a mobile friendly, web-based software that freelancers can use to track invoices and expenses. Simple to personalize, Sighted easily integrates payment options and shows you profit and loss reports.TimelyThis cross-device application perfectly integrates with a freelancer’s calendar to help him keep track of time and bill clients.DropboxMany freelancers are working for clients located all over the globe. Dropbox enables you to seamlessly and simply share documents, images, videos, and more. Anyone with access to the file and a Wi-Fi connection can upload the documents from anywhere in the world. This allows freelancers to easily share their portfolios with prospective clients or their finished work with existing ones.WunderlistFor freelancers who like to keep digital to-do lists, Wunderlist effortlessly syncs across all devices and is a streamlined to-do list tracker for projects. You can even set up email reminders to set lists for yourself without leaving your tasks.

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