3 Ways Personal Trainers Will Benefit From A Credit Card Machine

We hate to admit this, but if you’re a personal trainer you have to look good. A toned physique and six-pack abs are an absolute must, if you want clients to take you and what you offer seriously. L

  • It Makes You Look like a Professional: Let’s face it, a personal trainer has to be more than a taskmaster and a couch; he or she must be a savvy businessperson as well. The fact that you have a credit card machine in your home-office tells potential customers you’re serious about the business-end of your training service. When you add the convenience of portable debit and credit card machines, they will know you are equipped with the latest technology, too.
    1. Get Paid While You’re Still on the Mat: Personal trainers are always on the move, bouncing from clients’ homes, to gyms, to classes. They need an easy way to collect payment right after private lessons or coaching sessions. Portable debit and credit card machines are a convenient and speedy way for personal trainers to get paid for their services immediately after the one-on-one-instruction is complete. Because really, many people keep wads of cash in their workout clothes?
    1. Classes go Smoother and Faster: If you’ve ever held a fitness class, you know what we’re talking about. Without a credit card machine, you have to collect a payment from each student while the other students wait around. It slows down the start of the class, and it may make some of your students feel like money is your primary interest. With credit card processing free over the phone, you can collect the money with a credit card machine beforehand, and devote all of your class time to teaching

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