10 Cashier Training Tips

Your business is only as successful as the workers you employ. So, it’s important to provide your employees with the proper training in order to give customers a great shopping experience. Here are

1. Service With a SmileIt’s critical for your employees to leave their bad days at the door while on shift. Teach them to be polite, smile, and cater to even the rudest customer.2. ListenIf the customer needs help or is having an issue, your cashiers should pay attention and actually listen. Customers want to feel like they are actually being helped.3. Call for BackupHave a protocol in place for your cashiers to call for extra help if the line gets too long. This ensures that a customer doesn’t have to wait a long time to be served.4. Stop the Chit ChatIn order for your cashiers to give their full attention to customers, they should know to stop a conversation with a co-worker while a consumer is being served.5. Excellent Cash HandlingCashiers should feel comfortable handling cash properly. Whether it’s a manual register or a state-of-the-art computer system, they should know basic cash handling skills.6. Help Out if It’s SlowIf the store is slow and there are no customers to be helped, train your cashiers to lend a hand with basic maintenance around the shop to keep it clean and organized.7. Count Back ChangeWhen there isn’t a long line, get your cashiers into the habit of counting back change instead of just handing it to the customer.8. Dress for SuccessTrain your employees about how to dress for the job. If they are required to wear a uniform, ensure that it is ironed and clean, so they look professional at all times.9. Keep NotesWhether the customer is paying in cash or with a wireless credit card machine such as Smart Swipe, teach your workers how to keep proper notes and records of how the client is paying.10. Great Customer Service

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